Jon Silkin


Poetry (in chronological order):

The Portrait and Other Poems, 1950

The Peaceable Kingdom, 1954

The Two Freedoms, 1958

The Re-ordering of the Stones, 1961

Flower Poems, 1964

Nature with Man, 1965

Poems New and Selected, 1966

Three Poems, 1969

Vernon Watkins and Jon Silkin: Poems, 1969

Pergamon Poets 8, with Vernon Scannell, edited by Dennis Butts, 1970

Amana Grass, 1971

Killhope Wheel, 1971

Caring for Animals, 1972

Air That Pricks Earth, 1973

South Africa’s Bird of Paradise Flower, 1974

The Principle of Water, 1974

A”Jarapiri” Poem, 1975

The Little Time-Keeper, 1976

Two Images of Continuing Trouble, 1976

Jerusalem, 1977

Into Praising, 1978

The Lapidary Poems, 1979

The Psalms with Their Spoils, 1980

Selected Poems, 1980; enlarged edition, 1988, 1993

Autobiographical Stanzas, 1984

Footsteps on a Downcast Path, 1984

The Ship’s Pasture, 1986

The Lens-Breakers, 1992

Watersmeet, 1994

Testament without Breath, 1998

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