Elaine Feinstein



Poetry (in chronological order):

In a Green Eye, 1966

The Magic Apple Tree, 1971

At the Edge, 1972

The Celebrants and Other Poems, 1973

Some Unease and Angels: Selected Poems, 1977

The Feast of Euridice, 1980

Badlands, 1986

City Music, 1990

Selected Poems, 1994

Daylight, 1997

Gold, 2000

Novels (in chronological order):

The Circle, 1970

The Amberstone Exit, 1972

The Glass Alembic, 1973; as The Crystal Garden, 1974

Children of the Rose, 1975

The Ecstasy of Dr Miriam Garner, 1976

The Shadow Master, 1978

The Survivors, 1982

The Border, 1984

Mother’s Girl, 1988

All You Need, 1989

Loving Brecht, 1992

Dreamers, 1994

Lady Chatterley’s Confession, 1995

Dark Inheritance, 2000

Short Stories (in chronological order):

Matters of Chance, 1972

The Silent Areas, 1980

Plays (in chronological order):

Foreign Girls, 1993

Winter Meeting, 1994

Readings about Feinstein:

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