PS – Productions

Plays (in chronological order):

Five Finger Exercise,1958

The Private Ear, and The Public Eye, 1962

Sketch in The Establishment, 1963

The Merry Roosters’ Panto, 1963; as It’s about Cinderella, 1969

The Royal Hunt of the Sun: A Play Concerning the Conquest of Peru,1964

Black Comedy, 1965

White Lies, 1967; as White Liars, 1968

Black Comedy, Including White Lies: Two Plays, 1967; as White Liars, Black Comedy: Two Plays, 1968

Shrivings, 1970; as The Battle of Shrivings, 1970

Equus, 1973

Amadeus, 1979

The Collected Plays of Peter Shaffer (includes Five Finger Exercise, The Private Ear, The Public Eye, The Royal Hunt of the Sun, White Liars, Black Comedy, Equus, Shrivings, Amadeus), 1982

Black Mischief, 1983

Yonadab, 1985

Lettice and Lovage, 1987

Whom Do I Have the Honour of Addressing?, 1989

The Gift of the Gorgon, 1992

Screenplays (in chronological order):

Lord of the Flies, with Peter Brook, 1963

The Public Eye (Follow Me!), 1972

Equus, 1977

Amadeus, 1984

Radio Plays (in chronological order):

Alexander the Corrector, 1946

The Prodigal Father,1957

Whom Do I Have the Honour of Addressing?, 1989

Television Plays (in chronological order):

The Salt Land, 1955

Balance of Terror, 1957



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