PM – Secondary Sources

1.) Review of Pawns in the New York Times January 9, 1972

Pawns :By Peter Barnes. 284 pp. Knopf. $7.95.BR28.  Retrieved April 2, 2010, from ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851 – 2006). (Document ID: 93412649).

2.) A critical study by Brian Woolland which acts as an afterward to his book-length study, Dark Attractions: The Theatre of Peter Barnes.

Woolland B. ‘A Whole New World Still to Make’: a Valedictory for Peter Barnes. New Theatre Quarterly [serial on the Internet]. (2005, Feb), [cited April 2, 2010]; 21(1): 23-27. Available from: Humanities International Complete.

3.) Two Memorial Tributes written by Alan Rickman and Charles Marowitz

Peter Barnes: the Playwright who Laughed at Death. New Theatre Quarterly [serial on the Internet]. (2004, Nov), [cited April 2, 2010]; 20(4): 299-304. Available from: Humanities International Complete.

4.)Review of The Ruling Class; May 1971

Author(s): William L. Tribby Reviewed work(s): The Ruling Class by Peter Barnes Source: Educational Theatre Journal, Vol. 23, No. 2 (May, 1971), pp. 210-211 Published by: The Johns Hopkins University Press Stable URL:

5.) Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance entry.

Brian Woolland “Barnes, Peter”  The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance. Ed. Dennis Kennedy. Oxford University Press, 2003.  Suffolk University.  16 April 2010  <,%20Peter>


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