PB – Productions


Sclerosis, produced in Edinburgh and London, 1963.

The Time of the Barracudas, produced in San Francisco, 1963.

The Ruling Class: A Baroque Comedy (also see below; produced in Nottingham, England 1968, London, England 1969, then Washington, DC, 1971), Grove Press (New York, NY), 1969.

Leonardo’s Last Supper, and Noonday Demons (also see below; produced in London, 1969; Noonday Demons produced in Los Angeles, 1997), Heinemann (London, England), 1970.

(And codirector) Lulu (adaptation and consolidation of two plays by Frank Wedekind, translated by Charlotte Beck; produced in Nottingham and London, 1970), Heinemann (London, England), 1971.

The Devil Is an Ass (adaptation of the play by Ben Jonson),

produced in Nottingham, 1973, revised version produced in Edinburgh, 1976.

The Bewitched (also see below; produced in London by Royal Shakespeare Company, 1974), Heinemann (London, England), 1974.

(And director) The Frontiers of Farce (adaptation of plays The Purging by Georges Feydeau and The Singer by Frank Wedekind; produced in London, 1976), Heinemann (London, England), 1977.

(With Trevor Nunn) The Alchemist (adaption of the play by Ben Jonson), produced in Nottingham and London, 1970, revised version produced in Stratford-on-Avon and London, 1977.

(And director) Bartholomew Fair (adaptation of Ben Jonson’s play), produced in London, 1978.

(And director) For All Those Who Get Despondent (cabaret; adaptation of works by Bertolt Brecht and Frank Wedekind; produced in London, 1977), revised as The Two Hangmen: Brecht and Wedekind, broadcast, 1978.

Laughter! (also see below; produced in London, 1978), Heinemann (London, England), 1978.

(And codirector) Antonio (adaptation of plays Antonio and Mellida and Antonio’s Revenge by John Marston), produced in Nottingham, 1979.

(And director) The Devil Himself (revue; adaptation of works by Frank Wedekind, music by Charles Davis and Stephen Deutsch), produced in London, 1980.


Barnes’ People: Seven Monologues (also see below) broadcast, 1981.


(And director) Somersaults (revue), produced in Leicester, England, 1981.


Barnes’ People II: Seven Duologues (broadcast, 1984 ), Heinemann (London, England), 1984.


Red Noses (produced in London, 1985; produced in Chicago, 1987), Faber & Faber (London, England), 1985.


Scenes from a Marriage (adaptation of a play by Georges Feydeau; produced in London, 1986), Faber & Faber (London, England), 1986.


The Real Long John Silver and Other Plays: Barnes’ People III, (broadcast as Barnes’ People III, 1986), Faber & Faber (London, England), 1986.


Collected Plays, (includes The Ruling Class, Leonardo’s Last Supper, Noonday Demons, The Bewitched, Laughter!, and Barnes’ People), Heinemann, (London, England), 1981, revised as Plays: One, Methuen (London, England), 1989.


Nobody Here but Us Chickens [and] Revolutionary Witness, Methuen (London, England), 1989.


The Spirit of Man (includes A Hand Witch of the Second Stage, From Sleep and Shadow, and The Night of the Simhat Torah) [and] More Barnes’ People (televised 1989; broadcast 1989-90; produced in London, 1991), Methuen (London, England), 1990.


Sunsets and Glories (produced in Leeds, 1990), Methuen (London, England), 1990.


Tango at the End of Winter, (adaptation of the play by Kunio Shimizu; produced in London, 1991), Amber Lane (Charlbury, England), 1991.


Collected Plays: Two, Methuen (London, England), 1993.


Collected Plays: Three, Methuen (London, England), 1995.


(And director) Lunar Park Eclipsis, produced in London, 1995.


Corpsing: Four One-Act Plays, (includes Humour Helps, Waiting for a Bus, Acting Exercize, and Last Things; produced in London, 1996), Samuel French (London, England), 1996.

Plays, (including Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie, Heaven’s Blessings, Revolutionary Witness, and The Patriot, the Butcher, the Preacher, the Amazon), Methuen (London, England), 1996


Dreaming, produced in Manchester, England, 1999.


Jubilee, produced in Stratford-on-Avon, England, 2001.




Violent Moment, Anglo Amalgamated, 1958.


Breakout, Anglo Amalgamated, 1959.


The White Trap, Anglo Amalgamated, 1959.


Off Beat, British Lion, 1961.


The Professionals, Anglo Amalgamated, 1961.


(With Frank Lauder) Ring of Spies (Ring of Treason), British Lion, 1963.


(With others) Not with My Wife, You Don’t, Warner Bros., 1966.


The Ruling Class (adaptation of his play), United Artists, 1972.


(And director) Leonardo’s Last Supper (adaptation of his play), 1977.


Spaghetti House, 1983.


Enchanted April (adaptation of the novel by Elizabeth von Arnim), Miramax, 1992.


Television Scripts


The Man with a Feather in His Hat, British ABC, 1960.


(And director) Nobody Here but Us Chickens, 1989.


Revolutionary Witness, 1989.


(And director) The Spirit of Man, 1990.


(And director) Bye Bye Columbus, 1992.

(And director) Hard Times (adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens), Masterpiece Theatre, 1994.


(With David Stevens) Merlin, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), 1998.


Alice in Wonderland (adaptation of the novel by Lewis Carroll), NBC, 1999.


Noah’s Ark, NBC, 1999.


Arabian Nights, NBC, 2000.


A Christmas Carol (adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickens), ABC, 2000.