C. P. Taylor Publications


Plays (in chronological order):

Ae Went te Blaydon Races, 1962

Happy Days Are Here Again, 1964

Of Hope and Glory, 1965

Allergy, 1965

Bread and Butter, 1966

Who’s Pinkus? Where’s Chelm? 1966

Traverse Plays, 1966

The Ballachulish Beat: A Play with Songs, 1967

Fable, 1967

Mister David, 1967

What Can a Man Do? 1968

Lies about Vietnam/Truth about Sarajevo, 1969

Thank You Very Much, 1969

Brave, 1969

Making a Television Play, 1970

Bloch’s Play, 1971

Passion Play, 1971

The Cleverness of Us, 1971

The Grace Darling Show, 1971

Em’n Ben, 1971

Me, 1971

Ginger Golly and the Fable Men, 1972

The Black and White Minstrels, 1972

Happy Anniversary, 1972

You Are My Heart’s Delight, 1973

Gynt, 1973

Next Year in Tel Aviv, 1973

The 5p Opera, 1973

Oil and Water, 1973

Apples, 1973

Columba, 1973

Carol O.K., 1974

So Far, So Bad, 1974

The Spital Tongues Plays, 1974

Pilgrim, 1975

The Killingworth Play, 1975

Plumber’s Progress, 1975

And a Nightingale Sang, 1979

Bandits, 1979

Happy Lies, 1981

Good, 1981

Live Theatre, 1981

Readings about Taylor:

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Grant, Steve, review of “Bandits”, Plays and Players (October 1979)

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Simon, John, “All’s Well That Ends Good”, New York Magazine (25 October 1982)

Taylor, John Russell, Anger and After: A Guide to the New British Drama, London: Methuen, 1962; as The Angry Theatre: New British Drama, New York: Hill and Wang, 1962

Taylor, John Russell, The Second Wave: British Drama for the Seventies, London: Methuen, and New York: Hill and Wang, 1971


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