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cptaylor(November 6, 1929 – December 9, 1981)

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Ae I Went te Blaydon Races (folk musical), produced at Newcastle Playhouse, 1962.

Of Hope and Glory, produced in Edinburgh at Traverse Theatre Club, 1965.

Allergy (one-act; produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1966), published in Traverse Plays, Penguin, 1966.

Who’s Pinkus? Where’s Chelm? (Jewish folk musical; music by Monty Norman), produced in Edinburgh, 1966, produced at Cochrane Theatre, 1967.

The Ballachulish Beat: A Play with Songs, Rapp & Carroll, 1967.

Bread and Butter (produced in London at Cochrane Theatre, 1966, produced in Washington, DC, 1969), published in New English Dramatists, number 10, Penguin, 1967, and Their Very Own Golden City, edited by Arnold Wesker, Penguin , 1967.

Fable (produced in Glasgow at Close Theatre Club, 1965), Edinburgh University Drama Society, 1967.

Mister David, produced in Warsaw at Jewish State Theatre, 1967.

Happy Days Are Here Again (produced in London at Arts Theatre, 1964, produced Off-Off Broadway at Manhattan Theatre Club, 1972), published in New English Dramatists, number 12, Penguin (New York, NY), 1968.

What Can a Man Do, produced at Newcastle Theatre, 1968.

Brave (for youth), produced at Northumberland Experimental Youth Theatre, 1969.

Lies about Vietnam/Truth about Sarajevo, produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1969, published as The Truth about Sarajevo: A Play for the Traverse Theatre, Scottish Theatre Editions, 1970.

Thank You Very Much (for youth theatres; produced at Northumberland Experimental Youth Theatre, 1969), Methuen (New York City), 1970.

Bloch’s Play (produced in Edinburgh at Gateway Theatre, 1971), Scottish Theatre Editions, 1971.

Em’n Ben, produced in Shiremoor at Newcastle Youth Theatre, 1971.

Me, produced in Glasgow at Citizens Theatre, 1971.

Passion Play, produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1971.

The Cleverness of Us, produced in Liverpool at Everyman Theatre, 1971.

The Grace Darling Show, produced in Newcastle at University Theatre, 1971.

The Black and White Minstrels, produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1972.

Ginger Golly and the Fable Men (for youth), produced at University Theatre, 1972.

Happy Anniversary, produced in Edinburgh at Pool Theatre Club, 1972.

Apples (produced at Gulbenkian Studio, 1973), Hutchinson, 1973.

Columba (musical; music by Bob Stukey and Peter Brewis), produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1973.

New Year in Tel-Aviv, produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1973.

The 5p Opera, produced in Newcastle at Gulbenkian Studio, 1973.

Oil and Water, produced on tour in Scotland by Perth Theatre Tour, 1973.

You Are My Heart’s Delight, produced in London at Soho Polo Theatre, 1973.

The Grand Adultery Convention, produced in London at Almost Free Theatre, 1973.

Carol O.K., produced at Gulbenkian Studio, 1974.

So Far, So Bad, produced at Tyneside Theatre Trust, 1974.

The Spital Tongues Plays, produced in schools in Newcastle, 1974.

Pilgrim, produced at Gulbenkian Studio, 1975.

Plumber’s Progress, produced at Prince of Wales Theatre, West End, London, 1975.

The Killingworth Play, produced in Northumberland by Northern Counties College Drama Group, 1975.

And a Nightingale Sang…, Eyre Methuen, 1979.

Bandits!, Iron Press (Franklin, MI), 1979.

Happy Lies (for youth), produced at Albany Empire, London, 1981.

Good (produced in London at the Warehouse Theatre, 1981, produced on Broadway, 1982, produced in Los Angeles at South Coast Repertory, 1984, produced in New York City at Bouwerie Lane Theatre, 1989), revised edition, Methuen, 1983.

Live Theatre, Methuen, 1983.


Bertolt Brecht, The Three Penny Opera (music by Kurt Weill), produced at University Theatre, 1972.

Brecht, Drums in the Night, produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1973.

Carl Sternheim, Schippel (based on Burger Schippel), produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1974.

Clifford Odets, Waiting for Lefty, produced at University Theatre, 1973.

(With Traverse Theatre Co.) Henrik Ibsen, Gynt! (based on Peer Gynt; music by Adrian Secchi), produced at Traverse Theatre Club, 1975.

Sophocles, Antigone, produced at University Theatre, 1972.


Revolution (trilogy; includes Charles and Cromwell (also see below), Lenin, and Castro), British Broadcasting Corporation Television (BBC-TV), 1970.

Bloch’s Play, STV, 1971.

Adam Smith (series), BBC-TV, 1972.

Words (BBC-TV, 1972), published in Second Playbill 2, edited by Alan Durband, Hutchinson, 1973.

Izzy, BBC-TV, 1975.

For Services to Myself, BBC-TV, 1976.


Making a Television Play: A Complete Guide from Conception to BBC Production, Based on the Making of the Play “Charles and Cromwell” for BBC “Thirty Minute Theatre” (includes script of Charles and Cromwell), Oriel Press, 1970.



Taylor, John Russell, Anger and After, Methuen, 1962.

Taylor, John Russell, The Second Wave: British Drama for the Seventies, Hill & Wang (New York, NY), 1971.

Contemporary Literary Criticism, Volume 27, Gale (Detroit), 1984.


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