AW – Publications

1971 Six Sundays in January. Jonathan Cape 1971
1974 Love Letters on Blue Paper. Jonathan Cape 1974
Said the Old Man to the Young Man. Jonathan Cape 1978
Fatlips. New York: Harper and Row, 1978. Print. London: Writers and Readers, 1978.
The King’s Daughters. Quartet Books, 1998.
Honey. Pocket Books, 2006.

Fears of Fragmentation. Jonathan Cape, 1971
Journey Into Journalism. Writers & Readers 1977
Distinctions. 1985
As Much As I Dare. Century Random House 1994
The BIRTH of Shylock and the DEATH of Zero Mostel. Quartet Books 1997
Ambivalences. Oberon Books 2011

Plays and Collections of Plays.
Oberon Collections:
Wesker’s Monologues. Oberon Books 2008

Wesker’s Love Plays. Oberon Books 2008
This volume contains:
The Four Seasons
Love Letters On Blue Paper
Lady Othello

Wesker’s Social Plays Oberon Books 2009
This volume also contains:
Voices On The Wind
The Rocking Horse Kid
When God Wanted A Son

Wesker’s Political Plays.  Oberon, 2010.
Chips With Everything
Their Very Own And Golden City
The Journalists
Badenheim 1939
Phoenix, Phoenix Burning Bright

Wesker’s Comedies. Oberon Books 2012
A volume containing:
The Wedding Feast
One More Ride On The Merry-Go-Round
The Old Ones

Wesker’s Historical Plays. Oberon Books 2012
The volume contains:
Blood Libel

Wesker’s Domestic Plays. Oberon Books 2012
This volume contains:
The Friends
Men Die Women Survive
Wild Spring

Penguin Collections:
The Wesker Trilogy. London:, Cape, 1960; New York, Random House, 1961; Penguin, 1964.
Chicken Soup with Barley
I’m Talking About Jerusalem

Three Plays London: Penguin, 1976.  [Republished as  Arnold Wesker Volume 2. London: Penguin, 1980.] 
The Kitchen
The Four Season
Their Very Own and Golden City

Arnold Wesker Volume 3. London: Penguin, 1980.
Chips with Everything
The Friends
The Old Ones
Love Letters on Blue Paper

 Arnold Wesker Volume 4. London: Penguin, 1980.
The Journalists
The Merchant
The Wedding Feast

Arnold Wesker Volume 5: One Woman Plays. London: Penguin, 1989.
Whatever Happened to Betty Lemon?
Four Portraits – of Mothers
The Mistress.
Annie Wobbler

Arnold Wesker Volume 6: Lady Othello and Other Plays. London: Penguin, 1990.
One More Ride on the Merry-Go-Round
When God Wanted a Son
Lady Othello

Arnold Wesker Volume 7: Wild Spring and Other Plays. London: Penguin, 1994.
Badebnheim 1939
Beorhtel’s Hill
Three Women Talking
Letter to a Daughter
Blood Libel
Wild Spring


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