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1953 The Bespoke Overcoat
1954 The Baby
1954 The Boychik
1956 The Last of the Cheesecake
1956 The Mighty Hunter
1958 Expresso Bongo
1959 Make Me an Offer
1961 Belle; or, The Ballad of Dr Crippen
1962 It Should Happen to a Dog
1963 Pickwick
1965 Passion Flower Hotel
1972 Jack Shepherd
1972 The Samson Riddle
1978 The Irish Hebrew Lesson
1985 Iron Butterflies


1952 Make Me an Offer
1954 The Baby
1955 It Should Happen to a Dog
1956 The Bespoke Overcoat
1969 Pickwick
1972 The Hebrew Lesson
 1972 Jack Shepherd
1972 Stand and Deliver
 1972 as Samson and Delilah
1976 Dickens of London


1954 Make Me an Offer
1955 The Bespoke Overcoat
1955 Expresso Bongo
1955 A Kid for Two Farthings
1955 Trapeze
1960 The Millionairess
1960 The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll
1961 The Day the Earth Caught Fire, with Val Guest
1961 The Long and the Short and the Tall, with Willis Hall
1962 Waltz of the Toreadors
1965 Where the Spies Are
1967 Casino Royale, with others
1967 La Vingtcinquième Heure
1969 The Assassination Bureau, with Michael Relph
1970 Bloomfield, with Richard Harris
1971 Black Beauty, with James Hill
1972 The Hebrew Lesson
1973 The Hireling
1973 Treasure Island, with Orson Welles
1983 Almonds and Raisins

Production notes

1953 The Bespoke Overcoat:  one-act, first produced in London at Arts Theatre, June 25, 1953, Evans Brothers, 1954.

1954 The Baby: one-act; based on a work by Anton Chekhov

1954 The Boychik: first produced in London at Embassy Theatre, January 13, 1954.

1955 The Girl: first produced on television, 1955.

1956 The Last of the Cheesecake: one-act; first produced in London

1956 The Mighty Hunter: one-act, also producer with Oscar Lewenstein, first produced in London at New Lindsey Theatre, July 25, 1956.

1958 Expresso Bongo: musical; with Julian More, based on Mankowitz’s work of the same title, first produced on the West End at Saville Theatre, April 23, 1958.

1959 Make Me an Offer: based on his novel of the same title, first produced on television, December, 1952, produced in Stratford, England, at Theatre Royal, October 19, 1959.

1961 Belle, or The Ballad of Doctor Crippen: with Beverley Cross; also producer, musical, first produced on the West End at Strand Theatre, May 4, 1961.

1962 It Should Happen to a Dog: one-act, first produced on television, 1955

1963 Pickwick: musical; based on novel The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens), first produced on the West End at Saville Theatre, July 4, 1963, produced on Broadway at Forty-Sixth Street Theatre, October 4, 1965, published in book form, S. French, 1991.

1965 Passion Flower Hotel: musical; based on novel of the same title by Rosalind Erskine, first produced on the West End at Prince of Wales’s Theatre, August 24, 1965.

1972 Jack Shepherd: musical, first produced in Edinburgh, 1972, produced in London as Stand and Deliver at Roundhouse Theatre, October 24, 1972.

1972 The Samson Riddle: based on Mankowitz’s work The Samson Riddle: An Essay and a Play with the Text of the Original Story of Samson, first produced in Dublin, Ireland, 1972.

1978 The Irish Hebrew Lesson: one-act, first produced in London, 1978, produced in New York, 1980.


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