Stefan Thermerson

Dno nieba (London: F. Mildner and Sons, 1943.)
Croquis dans les ténèbres (London: The Continental Publishers and Distributors Ltd., 1944.)
Bayamus (London: Editions Poetry, 1945.) – republished  with Cardinal Pölätüo. Boston: Exact Change, 1997.
The Adventures of Peddy Bottom (London: Editions Poetry, 1950.)
Mr. Rouse builds his house (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1950.)
Wooff Wooff, or Who Killed Richard Wagner (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1951.)
Professor Mmaa’s Lecture (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1953.)
Cardinal Pölätüo (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1954.) republished  with Bayamus. Boston: Exact Change, 1997.
Tom Harris (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1967.)
Special Branch (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1972.)
General Piesc (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1976.)
The Mystery of the Sardine (London: Faber and Faber, 1986.)
Hobson’s Island (London: Faber and Faber, 1988.)
The Bone in the Wind (Black River Falls: Obscure Publications, 2007.)

Other Prose:
Jankel Adler (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1948.)
Factor T (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1956.)
Kurt Schwitters in England (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1958.)
Apollinaire’s lyrical ideograms (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1968.)
St Francis and the wolf of Gubbio or, Brother Francis’ lamb chops; an opera in 2 acts (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1972.)
Logic, Labels and Flesh (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1974)
The urge to create visions (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1983.)
Aesop, the Eagle & the Fox & the Fox & the Eagle.
The Chair of Decency
On Semantic Poetry
Semantic Divertissements

Collected Poems (London: Gaberbocchus Press, 1997.)


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