Israel Zangwill

English: Israel Zangwill עברית: ישראל זנגוויל
English: Israel Zangwill עברית: ישראל זנגוויל (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fiction (in chronological order):

Motza Kleis [Matzoh Balls], with Louis Cowen, 1882

The Premier and the Painter: A Fantastic Romance (with Louis Cowen, as J.Freeman Bell), 1888

The Bachelors’ Club, 1891

The Old Maids’ Club, 1892

The Big Bow Mystery, 1892

Children of the Ghetto, Being Pictures of a Peculiar People, 3 vols, 1892; reprinted in part as Grandchildren of the Ghetto, 1914

Ghetto Tragedies, 1893

Merely Mary Ann, 1893

The King of Schnorrers: Grotesques and Fantasies, 1894

Joseph the Dreamer, 1895

The Master, 1895

Dreamers of the Ghetto, 1898

They That Walk in Darkness: Ghetto Tragedies, 1899

The Mantle of Elijah, 1900

The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes, 1903

The Celibates’ Club, 1905

Ghetto Comedies, 1907

Jinny the Carrier: A Folk Comedy of Rural England, 1919

Plays (in chronological order):

The Great Demonstration, with Louis Cowen, 1892

Aladdin at Sea, 1893

Six Persons, 1893

The Lady Journalist, 1893

Threepenny Bits, 1895

Children of the Ghetto, 1899

The Moment of Death; or, The Never, Never Land, 1900

The Revolted Daughter, 1901

Merely Mary Ann, 1903

The Mantle of Elijah, 1904

The Serio-Comic Governess, 1904

Jinny the Carrier, 1905

The King of Schnorrers, 1905

Nurse Marjorie, 1906

The Melting-Pot, 1908

The War God, 1911

The Next Religion, 1912

Plaster Saints: A High Comedy, 1914

The Moment Before: A Psychical Melodrama, 1916

Too Much Money, 1918

The Cockpit, 1921

We Moderns, 1922

The Forcing House; or, The Cockpit Continued, 1923


Blind Children, 1903

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