Chaim Bermant


Novels (in chronological order):

Jericho Sleep Alone, 1964
Berl Make Tea, 1965
Ben Preserve Us, 1965
Diary of an Old Man, 1967
Swinging in the Rain, 1967
Here Endeth the Lesson, 1969
Now Dowager, 1971
Roses are Blooming in Picardy, 1972
The Last Supper, 1973

The Walled Garden: The Saga of Jewish Family Life and Tradition, 1974
The Second Mrs Whitberg, 1976
Belshazzar, A cats story for Humans, 1976
The Squire of Bor Shachor, 1977
Now Newman was Old, 1978
The Patriarch, 1981
The House of Women, 1983
Dancing Bear, 1984
The Companion: A Novel, 1987
Titch, 1987
The Companion, 1988
Coming Home, 1976
Genisis: A Latvian Childhood, 1998
Non-Fiction (in chronological order):
Israel, 1967
Troubled Eden: An Anatomy of British Jewr, 1970
The Cousinhood: The Anglo-Jewish Gentry, 1971
London’s East End: Point of Arrival, 1975
The Jews, 1977
Ebla: (Hebrew), with Michael Weizman, 1979
On the Other Hand, 1982
Whats the Joke, A Study of Jewish Humour through the Ages, 1986
Murmurings of a Licensed Heretic, 1990
Lord Jacobovitz (An Authorized Biography of the Chief Rabbi), 1990

Television Plays (in chronological order):

Pews, 1980
The Party, 1981
The Mole, 1982
There’s One Born Every Minute, 1983

Readings about Bermant:

“Chaim Bermant” (obituary), The Times (23 January 1998)

Frankel, William, “He was the Son of a Preacher Man”, Jewish Chronicle (20 June 2000)

Wheatcroft, Geoffrey, “Community Living”, New Statesman (12 June 2000)




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