Jews in English Literature

Medieval Period:
“The Jew’s Daughter.” Scottish poem
“Little Sir Hugh” ballad
Chaucer. “The Prioress’ Tale.”
The Wandering Jew poem.

Peele, George. The Love of Kind David for Bethsabe. 1599.
Wilson, R. The Three Ladies of London. 1584.
Shakespeare, William. The Merchant of Venice.
Fletcher, John. Women Pleased. Lopez.
Jonson, Ben. The Alchemists. Abel Drugger.
Beaumont and Fletcher. The Custom of the Country. Zabulon.
Marlowe, Christopher. The Jew of Malta. Barabas
Nashe, Thomas. “The Unfortunate Traveller. 1594. Zadoch, Zachary.
The Jewish Gentleman.
Dekker. Jew of Venice. 1653.  Probably not the actual date.
Henninge, William. The Jew’s Tragedy. 1662.
Landsdowne, Lord. Jew of Venice. 1701.
Greene, Robert. “The Myrrour of Modestie.”
“Greene’s Mourning Garment.”
Herbert, George. “The Jew.”

Eighteenth & Nineteenth Century:
Defoe, Daniel.  Roxana.
Smollett, Tobias.  Roderick Random. 1748. Isaac Rapine.
Adventures of Count Fathom. 1753. Joshua Manasseh.
Sheridan, Richard. The Duenna. 1775.
The School for Scandal. 1777.
Anon.  The Israelits or The Pampered Nabob. 1785.
Cumberland, Richard. The Fashionable Lover. 1772. Naphtali.
The Jew. 1794.
Wordsworth, William.  “A Jewish Family.” 1828.
Shelley, Percy. “Queen Mab.”  Ahasuerus.
Buchanan, Robert. “The Wandering Jew.”
Byron. “Hebrew Melodies.”
Browning, Robert. “Holy Cross Day.”
Edgworth, Maria. The Absentee. 1812. Mordecai.
Harrington. 1817. Mr. Montenero.
Scott, Sir Walter. Ivanhoe. 1819.  Isaac of York and Rebecca.
The Surgeon’s Daughter. 1827. Richard Middlemas.
Kingsley, Charles. Alton Locke. 1850.
Dickens, Charles. Oliver Twist. 1837 – 8. Fagin.
Our Mutual Friend. 1864 – 5.  Mr. Riah.
Reade, Charles. It’s Never Too Late to Mend. 1856. Isaac Levi.
Trollope, Anthony. The Way We Live Now. 1875. Augustus Melmotte.
Du Maurier, George. Trilby.
Eliot, George.  Daniel Deronda. 1875.
Meredith, Goerge. The Tragic Comedians. 1880. Alvan.
Phelan, Charlotte Elizabeth. Judah’s Lion. 1854.
Disraeli, Benjamin. Alroy. 1832?
Coningsby. 1844.
Tancred. 1847.
Life of Lord Bentnick. 1852.
Besant, Walter. The Rebel Queen.

Twentieth Century and beyond:
Shaw, George Bernard. Man and Superman Mendoza
Forster, E. M. The Longest Journey. 1907.
Galsworthy, John. Loyalties. 1922. Ferdinand De Levis
Joyce, James. Ulysses. 1922.
Greene, Graham. Brighton Rock. 1938. Colleoni.
A Gun for Sale. 1936. Sir Marcus.
Stamboul Train(Orient Express
Maugham, W. Somerset:
The RAzor’s Edge Elliot Templeton
Waugh, Evelyn: Vile Bodies Father Rothschild S.J. a fraudulent Jew.
Decline and Fall Dr. Augustus Fagan,headmaster of Llanabba Castle, a public school.
Men at Arms Jewish refugees in Yugoslavia.
Snow, C. P.:The Conscience of the Rich
Corridors of Power David Rubin
“He was the most polite of men. He had been born in Brooklyn, his parents still spoke English as a foreign language. But he had his own kind of assurance, it did not surprise him to be told that he was the favourite for that year’s Nobel Prize” (9 – 10).
Orwell, george. 1984 Emanuel Goldstein


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