“The Promised Land” Open University, London, 23rd July 2015

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Papers given:

  • ‘Tragedy or Neutropia? The Honourable Woman’
    Dr. Sue Vice, University of Sheffield
  • ‘British-Jewish Utopias and Dystopias from Zangwill to Jacobson’
    Professor Brian Cheyette, University of Reading
  • “No Outlines”: From Dystopia to Heterotopia in Howard Jacobson’s J’
    Dr. Ruth Gilbert, University of Winchester
  • ‘Messianism and British-Jewish Utopia’
    Dr. Peter Lawson, Open University
  • ‘The Future is Orange: Utopia and Dystopia in the Films of Stanley Kubrick’
    Dr. Nathan Abrams, Bangor University
  • ‘No Promised Land: A. C. Jacobs’ Poetry and the “Moment” of Diaspora’
    Dr. Merle Bachman, Spalding University
  • ‘East, North and West End: The Promised Land across London in the Plays of Bernard Kops’
    Mr. Jeremy Solomons, Boston University & University of Reading
  • Reading from her memoir “Losing Israel”
    Jasmine Donohaye, Swansea University
  • ‘The Idea of Jewish Racial Space: Zionist Utopia in the Anglo-Jewish Imagination’
    Professor Gavin Schaffer, University of Birmingham
  • ‘Jewtopia: Herbert Samuel, Rewriting Bacon’s New Atlantis, and Zionism’
    Dr. Finn Fordham, Royal Holloway University of London
  • ‘Skin: a Metafictional Investigation into Jewish “Blackness” from Chamberlain’s and Pierce’s Racism to its Deconstruction in Modern British Film’
    Dr. Federico Dal Bo, ICI Berlin
  • Paper Title: ‘Michael Moorcock’s Pyat Quartet, Twentieth-Century History, and the Failure of the Utopian’
    Dr. Eric Sandberg, University of Oulu

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