Outrageous bullying for the good of the family in G B Stern’s The Matriarch

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Detailed discussion of The Matriarch by G. B.Stern from Kate MacDonald on her blog.

2340220There is something particularly enjoyable about a female villain in fiction, written for readers who expect women to be pure, perfect, and positive. I did a podcast miniseries in 2012 on jaw-droppingly awful, truly appalling female characters, all behaving badly. It was immense fun to research and write, because these characters are so vile that when I’m reading them, they make me (metaphorically) rise up and shout in outrage. In G B Stern’s The Matriarch (1924) we are cowering before the most unstoppably interfering Jewish mother I’ve ever read.d0ff8d6a3b4f2ef592b67665a77444341587343

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