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Jew or Jewish Person

Mark Oppenheimer in the New York Times asks why people (including Jews) don’t or won’t use the word Jew, when they are quite comfortable talking about Christians and Moslems.  Check out the whole article.


Which is the Merchant Here?

Look out for Which is the Merchant Here? On the Myth of the Medieval Jewish Moneylender by Julie Mell.


Jewy Books: Including Jewish Characters Doesn’t Have To Be a Big Deal Anymore


What Is a Jew?

From David Brauner in Post-War Jewish Fiction

For some Judaism is an innate, inalienable property, for others a learned tradition; for some, a belief system, for others a cultural construct; for some a race, for others a religion; for some a nationality, for others a sensibility; for some a historical legacy, for others a metaphysical state.


Identity as Art

“Many of history’s most influential artists were Jews who based their work on the their identity…Conflick makes great art, particularly if it is internalized, and Jewish heritage is always tugging at modern culture.”  Kristofer Jenson @dailyfanboy in Dig BostonApril 18, 2012

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