The Infidel (2010) Director Josh Appignanesi The Infidel (2010) This is not only a very Jewish movie, it’s a very British and a very Islamic movie dealing with the matter of multiculturalism. Omid Djalili plays Mahmud, a Muslim who discovers not only that he’s been adopted but also that he’s Jewish. The script, written by […]

Ron Moody, Actor Best Known as Fagin in ‘Oliver!,’ Dies at 91 Dickens’s Fagin, a Jew, has often been perceived as an anti-Semitic characterization, but Mr. Moody, who was also Jewish, steered clear of stereotype. “Although Dickens describes Fagin as a merry old Jew, there’s no sign of him being a Jew in his […]

By Barbara Trainin Blank American-Jewish theater has been making headlines in recent months, but not, perhaps, in a way that its producers would like. Instead of merely rave reviews of newly-performed or revived plays, the coverage has underscored disputes over subject matter and themes, especially relating to Israel and the Middle East. Read more…

In my family, we have a ritual. (Tradition!) After a particularly wonderful Shabbat or holiday dinner, we channel my great-grandmother Pearl Gottler and chant in unison, “Ach, I’m stoffed. I’m bloated. I couldn’t eat another bite.” That’s what reading “Wonder of Wonders” is like. It is as rich and dense as a chocolate babka. Delicious, […]