He’s not a literary author, but has been a enormous influence for critics and authors in the world of Anglo-Jewish writing (and far beyond–I just bought a book of his in Phoenix, AZ) that it is worth linking to him here. Bauman Institute Wikipedia Page (apparently there are issues with it.  Can you fix them?) […]

My professor Bryan Cheyette aside from being a literary scholar is a Dylanologist.  In a personal sense, Dylan is a connection–when I first began to think about doing my doctorate, I spent several amazing times talking through ideas with Christopher Ricks, Dr. Cheyette names “Dylanologist-in-Chief.” After the topics that Dr. Ricks and I were discussing didn’t […]

Really interested in seeing this. Jay Howard Geller and Leslie Morris, Editors As German Jews emigrated in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and as exiles from Nazi Germany, they carried the traditions, culture, and particular prejudices of their home with them. At the same time, Germany—and Berlin in particular—attracted both secular and religious Jewish […]

CFP for a Symposium, co-sponsored by the AHRC BJ:CC Network (Bangor University and the University of Winchester) and ‘Identities’ at the University of Reading, to be held at the University of Reading on 4th November, 2016: Deadline for submissions: Saturday, October 1, 2016 The Interface Between British Contemporary Black and Jewish Cultures Over the past […]

Stephen Burt’s article in the New Yorker summarizing humanities dissertations as tweets.  I am not sure he has covered everything.  Would be good to hear others. For a start, I am not sure I see my topic here. http://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/all-possible-humanities-dissertations-considered-as-single-tweets?intcid=mod-latest

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