Detailed discussion of The Matriarch by G. B.Stern from Kate MacDonald on her blog. There is something particularly enjoyable about a female villain in fiction, written for readers who expect women to be pure, perfect, and positive. I did a podcast miniseries in 2012 on jaw-droppingly awful, truly appalling female characters, all behaving badly. It was immense fun […]

Performances began at the Pavilion Theatre in Whitechapel in the early 1890s. By 1906 it had become established as the home of Yiddish theatre in London, and remained popular into the mid-1930s. Four actor-managers were central to the theatre’s direction and development – Sigmund Feinman, Maurice Moscovitch, Joseph Kessler and Fanny Waxman. The theatre was […]

Bernard Kops’s “The World is a Wedding” (London: Mayflower-Dell, 1966). Not all post-market portraiture is elegant. Kops modified this presentation copy of his autobiography for his friend and colleague Arnold Wesker, whose archive resides at the Ransom Center. Kops removed the original cover and replaced it with the inverted cover torn from a paperback copy […]

Kops’ Kids —See the film In an effort to create leaders in Gypsy communities and teach tolerance, we follow famous playwright Bernard Kops to the only high school dedicated specifically to teaching the Roma (gypsies). The students start from the very basics as they learn the play The Dreams of Anne Frank and often frustrate […]